Upcoming Jesus Film Campaign

In May 2018, Frontline Missions was approached by Manna Church of North Carolina to see if we would be willing to partner with three organizations to expand the Kingdom of God. This would be done via the Jesus film in Brazil. Frontline agreed and is planning a conference in northern Brazil, December 2018, with American Bible Society (bringing access to God’s Word), RENEW (creating innovative technology), and CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ—producers of Jesus Film). There is an exciting synergy in this partnership to carry the Gospel, primarily to the Unreached Unengaged People Groups (UUPG) of Brazil.

Due to Frontline’s eighteen-year presence in Boa Vista, Brazil, and the surrounding areas, we have an excellent network of Indigenous missionaries and leaders to pull from. After a series of meetings and conversations, Frontline agreed to host a 10-day training that will equip Indigenous and non-Indigenous Brazilians to take the Gospel to UUPG in northern Brazil, southern Guyana, and Venezuela. Trainees will learn how to reach UUPG, how to utilize technology, Bible storying, and health and hygiene. After receiving this training, each team will be given a backpack full of technology including a miniature projector, a thumb drive with the Jesus film, a solar panel, and a flashlight/recorder with Bible stories.

Most importantly, we must remember that these are indigenous people working as missionaries. Frontline has been promoting this concept for over eighteen years, and we are honored and invigorated to partner with other organizations that are like-minded.

Frontline’s Brazilian network will be comprised of fifteen teams that will go across the region. Thirteen will go to indigenous communities, while two will go to mixed communities. In the first phase, each of the teams, which are comprised of a leader and two assistants, will show the Jesus film and invite responses for salvation. The second phase is to start listening groups with Bible stories. This is very effective in oral societies. The third phase is to start a church—however that looks in their culture. In the final phase, they will reproduce this in another location.

As these teams travel throughout the region as missionaries, they and their families will need financial support. They are willing to sacrifice their businesses and places of income to carry the Gospel where we cannot go. To empower our Christian brothers and sisters, we are endeavoring to partner with many churches worldwide to gird them up financially in this great evangelistic venture. There are still 120 unreached people groups in Brazil!

If you would like to give toward this project, you can donate online or contact us at info@fmusa.org.

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