Frontline has a long history of ministry in Guyana among its highly diverse cultures. From street evangelism among Hindu and Muslim communities in the east, to translation projects among oral cultures in the west, a partnership with Save R Kids Children’s Home in the north and ministry among indigenous nations in the south, the freedom of the Gospel is bringing transformation and healing.

Frontline continues to use a wide variety of methods to reach the nation of Guyana for Christ.




Guyana Summer Trip

“He is the divine portrait, the true likeness of the invisible God, and the firstborn heir of all creation. For in Him was created the universe of things, both in the heavenly realm and on the earth, all that is...

Taking Flight

Angie* was found wandering by the sea wall in Guyana, South America when she was nine years old. Her mother was a prostitute in the area and unable to provide and care for Angie properly. She was scooped up into...

Vision for Discipleship

The end of the day was nearing as I sat underneath the bamboo trees, our designated “recording studio” in northwest Guyana, listening and praying while my translation group practiced. Warau words floated on the breeze as they prepared to record...

Creative Solutions:

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    Oral Bible Storying
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    Medical Clinics

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    Missionary Outreach

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    Economic Development

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    Construction Projects (Save R Kids)

Church Partners/Groups:

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    Dogwood Church

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    Save R Kids International

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    SRK Wings, Inc.