Frontline Missions recently partnered with pastors and leaders in Santa Marta, Colombia with a strong desire to see their city impacted for Christ. Since 2015, we have provided leadership training for pastors and leaders and have taken short-term teams to train and equip congregations for the mission of the Gospel.

We are continually learning about the unique ministries of the Santa Marta churches and desire to foster the vision to reach their communities. A recent Bible storying training has lit a fire in pastors and leaders to reach the unchurched in Santa Marta - creating new pathways to communicate the truth of the Gospel through simple Bible stories.

Schools have also opened their doors in invitation to share with students who are desperate for hope and freedom. Frontline is excited to see what the future holds in Santa Marta - obediently following the Lord’s leading and witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit at work in Colombia.




Sharing of Freedom

Maria “Mauxi” Fontalvo is an English teacher in Santa Marta, Colombia and attended the recent Bible Storying training as a translator. In addition to helping with translation, Mauxi was excited to learn new ways to connect with her students and...

Divine Coincidence?

Throughout my life, I have known God to be a Supreme Being, loving Father and loyal Friend. He is everything to me. However, in August of this year I became discouraged and felt something was missing. I struggled to identify...

Creative Solutions:

  • Bible Institute

  • Leadership Training

  • Street Evangelism

  • Church Planting and Support

  • Oral Bible Storying

Church Partners/Groups:

  • Bethel Atlanta

  • Canal Territorio TV Station

  • Grace College of Divinity

  • Grace Divinity Bible Institute, Colombia

  • Manna Church, Capital Area

  • Manna Church, West Florida