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Food for Millions Refugee Program

Frontline emptied its coffers for Food for Millions, the Venezuelan food relief fund. We sent our last funds to Valencia, the northwest shore of Guyana, and to the streets of Boa Vista, Brazil, where many are sleeping on cardboard in the streets.  Our hearts were torn as we prayed with executives and professionals who could find no work…

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Food for Millions Update

Ministry and Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela JUNE 2018 Situation Update: Venezuela is in a state of crisis – economically, socially, and politically. Over 4 million people have fled to bordering countries and 5,000 continue to flee daily. The situation is expected to eclipse Syria’s outflow of 5.5 million refugees. The remaining population lacks the basic essentials…

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Food For Millions

Much of Venezuela is without food. However, just as the widow woman’s “jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry” (1 Kings 17:16), so our Venezuelan friends have experienced God’s miraculous provision during this season of political turbulence and hunger. One woman told us how she emptied…

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God’s Heart For Venezuela

Venezuela, located on the northern coast of South America, is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, even home to the world’s largest waterfall, “Angel Falls,” (featured on the Pixar’s film, “UP”). Blessed by God with the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world, the country consistently ranks among the top…

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