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Food for Millions Refugee Program

Frontline emptied its coffers for Food for Millions, the Venezuelan food relief fund. We sent our last funds to Valencia, the northwest shore of Guyana, and to the streets of Boa Vista, Brazil, where many are sleeping on cardboard in the streets.  Our hearts were torn as we prayed with executives and professionals who could find no work…

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Upcoming Jesus Film Campaign

In May 2018, Frontline Missions was approached by Manna Church of North Carolina to see if we would be willing to partner with three organizations to expand the Kingdom of God. This would be done via the Jesus film in Brazil. Frontline agreed and is planning a conference in northern Brazil, December 2018, with American…

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Afternoons Under The Cashew Tree

Monday afternoon under the cashew tree was my favorite time of the week, not even daunted by the hot Brazilian sun’s intensity. Ten students and I gathered around a table in the shade to learn Bible stories. Our teacher was the Holy Spirit, and we were there to learn together. We began with the story…

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Reaching Nations

I have always enjoyed learning about languages and cultures. When I was young, I studied many languages including English, German and even some Japanese. Translation opened the door for me to meet Alan and Heidi Winter and serve with the mission teams they brought to my community in Venezuela in the 1990’s. A desire to…

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